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Pricing based on # of paid content


$15 / mo
1 Content
Manual Requests
Unlimited Takedowns
24 / 7 Support
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$29 / mo
10 Contents
Manual Requests
Unlimited Takedowns
24 / 7 Support
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$49 / mo
30 Contents
Manual Requests
Unlimited Takedowns
24 / 7 Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are contents?
Contents are the products you sell. 1 paid content of yours = 1 content. This can be a course, a digital item, subscription, or any other type of paid content.
What are manual requests?
If you find a website that infringes your content, you report it under "manual requests" in your dashboard.
Can I create a custom plan?
Sure. If you need more than 30 assets covered, feel free to message us! Additionally, if you are only on Patreon selling subscriptions, also message us!
What happens after I sign up?
After signing up, you input your content, which we then track for infringement. We track on a daily basis, and if we find a link that infringes your content, we take it down after your approval.
If you have any other questions, Get in touch with our team.
"The Harvel team has been extremely helpful in reducing the number of illegal downloads of my digital products! A few days after signing up with Harvel, I already received the first notifications about several successful DMCA takedowns."
Laura H RUbin, Switzerland
"I can sleep safe and sound knowing that these scammers cannot profit off of my content"
Ida, Denmark
"I find this to be a very useful tool, being a creator myself. I'm happy to be one of the early adopters"
Vidall, netherlands
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