The Creator Economy And What We're Trying To Achieve

April 23, 2022

Back when we were kids in school, the most popular question was “What do you want to do when you grow up”. We had lots of astronauts, officers, firefighters, and a couple of scientists here and there. The internet was still just a fad, used by people who were able to afford an internet connection in the first place.

But as it developed, more and more people got the chance to shape their future and there were more opportunities than ever before seen.

Now the year is 2021, and almost everyone has a smartphone and an internet connection. A smartphone with a decent camera quality, a microphone. Something that used to cost thousands of dollars in media and recording equipment, now became a necessity that we carry in our pockets. And so, more people have the chance to spread their word, their opinion, deliver their own content. We no longer rely on television, or mass media to deliver us up-to-date information. We have so many channels where we collect data on a daily basis, and that’s all delivered by someone who creates that content for us to consume.

So yeah, if you ask kids in school that question, today, most of will say “youtuber, content creator”. And that’s not something to sleep on.

Here are some statistics to tease your brain:

There are 50 million people who consider themselves a content creator

That’s right. 50 million. According to SignalFire report. The Creator Economy is rapidly rising.

Out of those 50, 47.5 Million consider themselves to be amateur content creators. This means they do not consider their job to be full time, but rather, a hobby that they do in their spare time.

Now you might think that’s a bad thing, but it’s actually the opposite. This means everyone is a potential content creator, since they can do it in their free time. And who doesn’t want to earn some money on the side.

Speaking about earning money …

2 Million Creators Make Six Figures

Content creation is a lucrative business, and this is why so many want a piece of the pie. More than 2 million creators have earned six figures from content creation on social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, OnlyFans.

With all of these statistics in mind, we were not able to help ourselves but think of one thing. How can we help these creators, provide them value and make sure they keep on growing and focus on creating.

With all these monetization models, tools, the creator is scattered and left to go to a separate platform for each of their problems. They need to sell merch? They need to go to Teespring.

They need to find brand deals? They want to publish their music, podcast?

Or maybe they need to find a copyright free music?

Our mission is to help creators around the globe save time and focus on the creative part of their work, while we enable them tools to help cut-through the boring ones. The creator economy is thriving, and this is really a one-of-a-kind app that is one complete ecosystem for the creator. Subscription-based service, landing page builder, ability to get brand deals, will be among the features Harvel offers. Tools for earning, creating and growing as creators.

We think that the creator should not waste time with boring tasks, signing up to all these different platforms, when we can offer them everything under one streamlined ecosystem.

Not only that, but we also think the creator needs stimulus to grow and expand, and this is exactly what Harvel will offer them. Every tool you can think of, we’ll have at Harvel.

We estimate the creator economy will double in just over a year, and we think that with the rise of the internet, technology at our fingertips, anyone in the world can become a content creator with their audience, big or small, and monetize their business.

And we want to be right beside the creator, helping them realize their goals and dreams. Together we can grow.

On behalf of the whole team who takes part in writing blogs essential to creators and the creator economy.

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